July 4th 2015

We spent the 4th in Carmack, Yukon Territory, Canada at a campground called Carmacks Hotel and RV park.  It is along the Yukon river and was a delight.  Local colorful folks hang out at the bar that had two pool tables, upon which Rick proceeded to beat me at a game of 8 ball.  We didn’t have any fireworks but God provides.  The sunset was so dramatic and full of color, almost better then fireworks.

Moving on to Dawson City then into Alaska.  We should be crossing the border day after tomorrow.  The roads have been pretty good but not without incident.  We were parked and visiting Watson Lake when a weed whacker threw a stone that went through our passenger side window of the Fiat…  Shattering glass all over.  We would have never seen it if they hadn’t stopped us as we were approaching the rig.  A sweet gal named Rene said they would take care of the expense and have the window replaced.  We made a few phone calls but nothing can be done for at least a week and we have to get up to Denali for our reservations on the 15th through the 18th.  Of course it happens on a Friday and we have to wait for the weekend to end, so we taped up the window with a plastic bag and duck tape to go along with the tarp we have on her bow, for protection from rocks on the road.  However that doesn’t stop trucks from spitting up rocks as they pass, which one did and dinged our windshield on the RV.  Oh well, at least we have brakes.

Short on time and want to get this posted while I have internet.  I also have so much more to say but no time now.  I will post photos as soon as we have internet again along what’s been happening.


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More Photos


The GRR in Yosemite.

20150613_125653 20150613_125835_001


You can double click on the photos to enlarge.


Spectacular rock formations along the road.


Mono Lake


Tioga Pass

20150613_125814 20150613_121720

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Tonopah, Nevada, Great Basin National Park and Salt Lake City


Departing Groveland


Yosemite with Half Dome in background.


The entrance into park.

20150613_095518 We are currently in SLC (Salt Lake City) with friends of Cindi and Jim (The Ramsey’s).  They live on a dead end street and have room for both of our rigs.  It’s a beautiful setting, lots of trees and a babbling brook running behind their home, which is lovely.

So let me start with the trip through Yosemite on our first day out from Cindi and Jim’s home (Saturday).  It was a spectacular drive with majestic scenery, only problem, the brakes.  I guess I toasted them coming down the 10,000 foot elevation.  Luckily we were able to crawl into Tonopah and our campground called Joy Land…  First thing we did once we were settled in was call Good Sam’s.  We thought for sure we’d have to be towed at least 100 miles or so.  We asked Larry (he was the camp host) if there was a truck repair place near by?  He told us of a place called Cal Nevada Towing, so we notified Good Sam’s and they said they would contact them first because they were so close, approx. a mile from the campground.  So we waited for Monday morning to come, which of course it did and Cal Nev came out and said we could probably drive to their location, since we drove here which would save us a tow.  However, they needed us to wait for room and they would come back for us.  So they finally came out and we made it safely to Cal Nevada Towing and Service Center.  One thing really helped me to have me a sense of trust in their ability to repair our rig was all the semi-s and UPS trucks in their garage.  So you have to figure they know what they’re doing.  Dave (I called him Woody because he reminded me of Woody Harrelson) and Keith were awesome.  We had to have parts ordered, our rotors had cracked from the extreme heat, we needed new pads, calipers, master cylinder and while they were under there the shocks were old, so we replaced those as well.  This took us through Thursday night during which we’ve been staying aboard in their parking…  LOL..   The good news was that it was FREE to park and we had power.  Woo Hoo.  Upon paying for the repair (guess it wasn’t free after all) $$$$ they proceeded to tell us that the master cylinder has a slight leak out of one of the fittings and the fitting needs to be replaced.  He could order the part which would take us through Monday at least or he could use epoxy and it should hold untill we can get to a Ford Dealership, which he recommended we do as soon as possible.   Even if the epoxy is holding and not leaking, replace it asap.  So we left Joy Land early Friday morning and headed for The Great Basin National Park in Nevada.  It was an uneventful drive with changing scenery from lush green valleys doted with pretty orange wild flowers to tall majestic mountains with beautiful striations of color.   Our campsite #7 at Baker Creek campground 8,000′ elevation it wasn’t very level but we managed to make it work.  Then the four of us poured into the Fiat and went to the visitors center to tour the Lehman Caverns but much to our dismay the tours were sold out for the next two days.  So we did the scenic drive up to Wheeler Peak and stopped at Mather Overlook and the Summit Trailhead, where we did the 2.6 mile hike into Stella Lake at 10,000 foot elevation.  Just a perfect day and the hike was awesome, just right for the first of many.

Our trip to Salt Lake City was quite and our first stop was Henry Day Ford.  We called ahead and let them know why we were coming and what we needed.  They have a short day on Saturday so we needed to hustle to get there before closing to see if we could get the part we needed and they wanted to see it before ordering it.  What a great service department they have, we arrived there at 1:15, they ordered the part, put it in and we were finished and out of there by 3:30…  OMG…  So we are ready to roll as soon as our stone protector shows up from UPS tomorrow.

Now to try and upload some photos of the trip.  Wish me luck…

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We are off again, except this time we are aboard the GRR mobile (aka:  Griswold’s Rolling Rhino).   We started out on the 10th of June and drove up to Groveland, Ca., to our friends Cindi and Jim Goodrich’s.  We will now start our journey up to Alaska leaving on the 13th.  Our first drive will take us through Yosemiote, then on Tonopah, Nv.  I will be posting pictures and text during our trip.  Woo Hoo, getting to check off places on our bucket list… Stay tuned…

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AWOL = Adventures Without Limits

My first ORCA sighting.

My first ORCA sighting.

Arrived Bellingham June 29, 2013

Ahaaaaaaaaa.  Home again, home again.  It’s been 10 months since I last set eyes on the Rhino.  Now she’s here in Bellingham, Washington and I just arrived.  A new chapter is about to unfold for us, Rick, Rhino and me.

We hired a Skipper to deliver her home and then changed our minds and had him deliver her to HIS home area, Bellingham, Washington (he lives in Portland Oregon). We then fly up to do some cruising around the San Juan’s off  Bellingham before sailing her back down the coast to Dana Point. A beautiful place between Vancouver Island, Canada and Washington with lots to see and enjoy along with pods of Orca’s (I hope).

Funny thing about coming home to Rhino, she’s small, cramped and cluttered but we love her none the less.  She takes us to places seldom seem by the passing tourists.  So with a little TLC she will be ready again for our journey of cruising around the San Juan Islands, Gulf Islands and even Desolation Sound (Maybe if time and weather permits) then back home to Dana Point.

We’ve got our work cut out for us to get her ready to go again, after her 42 day trip from Raiatea to Washington with one 2 day stop in Hawaii..  She needs a deep cleaning; mold and mildew have invaded her.  Rick had a head start since he arrived a week before me.  He’s been working very hard to get her ready for me and there is still lots to do.  I opened the locker where my pots and pans are kept.  OMG…  My cast iron pans are a mess with rust and mold, plus gross water in a few places.  Hard to believe the damage that rust can do.

July 2, 2013

Yesterday I tackled the galley, scrubbed out the cabinets and cleaned all the pots and pans.  My cast irons are still sitting with the baking soda, they should be like new soon.  After scrubbing everything and letting it dry out I sprinkle boric acid in the corners of the cabinets to keep the bugs out and it must work because I didn’t find any varmints’ anywhere…  Yippeeeee

Today I’ll conquer the spices, I think most will see the trash and we’ll have to buy new.  Oh well it’s a cleansing experience for all.

July 22, 2013

Already…  I been a busy bee and haven’t had time to blog.  However, we arrived at our first anchorage last night.  We “cut” the dock lines and did it – no easy task.  More about that later.  First I want to fill in some of the blanks of what’s been going on for the past twenty days.

Rick and I have been busy bees, the Rhino is back and looking good.  It took me about 4 days of scrubbing my cast iron pans, when I thought there has to be a better way.  So we went to our favorite store, the Hardware store and I bought some sanding wheels to attach to our drill.  Amazing how well they worked, but it still took another 2 days to get down past the rust.  When I was done I thought I had sanded all the cast off the cast iron… lol

Well anyway, I re-seasoned them and they are like new…  Yippee, all my hard work has paid off.  My cast iron pans are like new again.  Rick thinks I’m crazy and should have thrown them away and bought new, but these have history and I love them.

So galley is done, now on to other projects.  We went to immigration and took care of the paperwork for heading into Canada.  We met some fellow cruisers there that had to be in their 80’s, so we still have lots of time to enjoy this lifestyle.

We also went to an orientation given by San Juan Sailing – a charter group – to learn about the waters here and what to avoid.  Very helpful, in fact they had a good chart which was marked in red of the areas to avoid.  So of course we had to buy one, the more information we had the safer we’ll be.  We went twice…

Rick changed the engine oil, fixed a frozen winch on mast, shocked the water tanks with chlorine, changed the fuel filters, fixed the shower pump (had a faulty connection), replaced broken macerator pump in the head (a very unpleasant job), had the propane tanks filled, put the sails back on (We had to have some repairs made to both the jib and staysail), washed down the outside of Rhino and even scrubbed her floors.  So our baby Rhino is very happy and healthy once again and we are ready to cut the dock lines and head out.  AWOL (Adventures without limits).

We met with a fellow cruiser by the name of Todd who gave us some helpful hints on where to go and what to see.  I keep asking everyone “where’s the best place to see the Orca’s?  After talking with Todd we were very excited about cutting the dock lines and leaving to go visit all the wonderful anchorages he told us about.  He even convinced us that we should definitely go up to Desolation Sound – you’re here, you can’t go home and not go there.  So now we needed additional information on D.S.  Rick checked our chart plotter and our charts didn’t cover that area.  So now we had more work to do, that was to acquire the charts and books on the area.  We went around to 3 different marine stores to find the Navionics chip for our chart plotter.  Everyone was out of it.  We were able to have one ordered in from Seattle and it would arrive on Friday.  So we had to wait.

The chip arrived on Friday afternoon and of course we plugged it in right away to see if it worked and it did… Yippee, we can leave tomorrow, Saturday.  Well the weather wasn’t about to co-operate: gale force winds were expected through the Strait of Juan de Fuca, small craft warnings, etc. Another delay.

Sunday we wake up to heavy fog but the winds had died down some and the forecast was ok.  So finally around 11:30 we were able to pull out of the slip and cut the dock lines.  We were headed to Cypress Island and going to pick up a mooring ball in Eagle Harbor.  From Bellingham to Eagle Harbor we go right past Vendovi Island that is owned by the San Juan Preservation Trust.  The island is the newest preserve acquisition of the Trust.  Only two acres are developed on the entire island, leaving the island pristine and in a natural condition.  The islands caretakers are Heather Bansmer and Shawn Breeding – the authors of the Cruising Guide for the San Juan Islands and also The Sea of Cortez.  We actually had met them in La Paz when we were there.  They have the same type boat, a Westsail, and she’s almost a twin to Rhino.  We had time and decided to stop by to see them.  There is an 80’ dock but no over-night tie up. When we arrived the dock was just about full but a boat was just leaving, so we waited.  Shawn and Heather met us at the dock and we reminisced.  Rick and I walked around the Island for a bit, they have these beaches called Midden, which are crushed shell beaches that were used for centuries by Coast Salish people as seasonal camps.  It was a wonderful place, peaceful and beautiful.  After our tour of the Island we said our goodbyes and headed to Eagle Harbor.

Eagle Harbor has 13 mooring balls and upon our arrival there were at least 3 open.  So we decided on which one we wanted and picked it up.  They are a bit different than the ones we’re used to in Catalina but we didn’t have a problem.  After the engine was off and we sat in the cockpit and looked around.  It was amazing.  Such grandeur and magnificence I hadn’t seen since Daniels Bay in the Marquesas.  We were surrounded by tall evergreens reaching up to the sky with calm, cool green water below.  You forget how much you love this feeling of peace and quiet.  Rick and I immerse ourselves in it by turning all electronic devices off, at least for a time.  ;0-)

July 23, 2013

Still here in Eagle Harbor.  What a treat.  We were even greeted by a Full Moon during our stay here.  Yesterday, Rick and I took a dinghy ride up to the other anchorage, shut off the engine and drifted with the tide.  It was splendid; the birds were feasting on fish and making a racket.  It was so much better then listening to the radio just listening to life.  Back to Rhino and she’s sitting on the mooring ball in the majestic Eagle Harbor.  We were even treated to a fly over by one of our feathered friends.  Leaving today and headed up to James Island.


Canon 7 12 2013 125 Fun billboard painted on the side of a building. Bellingham

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Life is Hard on the HARD

So from our “slip” at the boat yard, to the hoist, then with her straps in place, Rhino is lifted out of the water and moved to her cradle to sleep out the season. Once she’s in her cradle safely they put a ladder in place so we can climb in and out. Fun stuff, going up and down on a wrought iron ladder with at least 15 rungs. Now we have to get her ready. Rick and I worked feverishly to clear her decks, take down the main sail, tie the dinghy in place on her deck (only thing we left on the deck) and then taped and bungied anything else we thought would blow or fray. We also gave away some food from the refrigerator to our neighbors in the yard and some clothes to the guys that hauled us out. It’s like moving all over again, lots of work.

We had the Sunset Beach Motel pick us and our bags up. We were so surprised at the accommodations, such a great bungalow and so big. Enough room for at least 5 or 6 people. Full kitchen with all the amenities. Our driver even stopped at the store for us to shop and pick up a few things for dinner, which we made in the bungalow. We enjoyed our last bottle of wine, from Art and Charlotte, with dinner. Our view was of Bora Bora across the water and the anchorage. Just a perfect way to end this part of the Adventure.

In the morning (or flight to Papeete was at 5:30 PM) we had time to walk back to Rhino and see how she made out on her first night alone. She did fine and we took care of a few last minute things. Rick greased the winches and secured a few things a little better. She looks good. We then kissed Rhino goodbye and said a few prayers for her to have a safe stay while we’re gone. Removed the ladder and left our baby. I told Rick to think of it like a child going off to college, only instead of her returning at the end of the semester, we’ll be coming back to her.

AWOL — ADVENTURES WITHOUT LIMITS…. The adventures continues…. LAC


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Tahaa to Raiatea

Tahaa was a misty (literally), magical and very lush… The weather just added to her WOW factor. We had rain at night and into the morning with fog that clings to the tree tops, it’s incredibly beautiful. We hailed Alain on the VHF, he’s the proprietor of the Vanilla Tours and we had met him when we were here in 2000. We told him we had picked up one of his mooring balls for the night and wanted to know how much we owed him and that we would be leaving by noon. He told us it was no problem, the mooring ball is gratis, as long as he didn’t have it reserved for a tour, which he didn’t until noon that day, so it all worked out… We will be back to stay longer next season.

We were underway and heading to Raiatea by noon. The sky’s were heavy still and some rain was falling. The wind once we were out of the bay was blowing between 15 and 20 knots. We were still inside the atoll and motor sailing towards Raiatea Carenage. Once we arrived, just a 2 1/2 hour trip, we called the yard and they told us to pick up a orange mooring ball. Well every time we tried to pick one up and a couple came up to us on a dinghy in dive suits and said we couldn’t use that one, it was PRIVATE. So we went over to one of the boats that was yelling to us and the man (turned out to be the manager of Carenage) told us to pick up the yellow one. Which we did after few attempts at other mooring balls, must have been a good show for the other cruisers. Right next to us on a mooring ball is Kahia, our friends from Huahine. They stopped by with their dinghy and we caught up with boat stories. They were kind enough to offer to take us ashore tomorrow morning so we can get to the office at the marina. Remember no dinghy engine. So at half nine, as Paul says, he picked us up and we took our laundry and trash in. Not knowing where to take the laundry we left it in the dinghy and went to the office to ask. She told us they didn’t have laundry service but the Moorings do. The Moorings base is not far by dinghy but to row was out of the question. So we walked. It’s a great was to see the island, you get a real sense of the place. On our way we passed a small motel called Sunset Beach, which has bungalows on the beach and pretty coconut palms lining the driveway and dotted along the property. Just a lovely setting, so we located the reception area and made a reservation for the night of the 3rd, price includes free transportation to the airport $130.00. We may even go on the 2nd, then the rates drops to $120.00 a night, not bad and they are very cute in a rustic sort of way. We finally arrive at the Moorings base and talk to the young gal their. As it turns out she does laundry, on the hush – hush from the Moorings. So we agreed she would drive over after work and pick up our laundry and return it the next day, washed, dried and folded. OK. (only $50.00 US for 20 Kilos). On our walk back we stopped at a snack shop and had lunch.

Back to the Mother ship to prepare to move her to the slip by 1500 (3:00 PM). No problem. We are now in the slip and will be here till the morning when the yard will move her onto the “Hard”. She’ll be like my turtles, going into hibernation for the season and returning next spring. LAC

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Leaving the South End of Bora Bora

Here we go, leaving one of our favorite places. Heading North back up the channel which in some places gets pretty shallow and you have to be very careful of the coral heads. We followed our track down, so it wasn’t to much of a problem. Hard to describe such a beautiful place if you’ve never been here before, and I don’t mean that like it sounds. It’s just hard to explain the beauty that passes in front of your eyes and you move along the channel. Just as we were getting to the end of the channel and about to turn towards the yacht club, Messilina passes us heading South… Bummer, we just missed being with them by a day. Chole, Evan and Jonathan on their way to swim with the Manta’s, to bad we just missed them.

Back at the Bora Bora Yacht Club, picked up a mooring ball for the night. Getting ready for our morning crossing to Tahaa. Had a lovely dinner with our friends from Bright Angel, Bob and Linda. We were also joined by Legacy. Fun evening.

Underway to Tahaa, weather forecast was for NO wind, well we only had 20 to 30 knots. The seas were easy to deal with small swells of 2 – 4′ with some wind waves. No bigge. But getting into the pass on Tahaa was another thing. Hard to see the entrance, thank God for the chart plotter. We followed it and checked our visual with no problem. Sounds easy, except when you’re doing it and can only see white water in front of you and you’re thinking is this the pass or am I going to go over a reef??? Scary stuff. But you hold steady and maintain your course and before you know it you get a visual on the red and green markers and know that everything is where it should be. Including the small opening into the safe harbor. Well here we are… Picked up a mooring ball from the Vanilla Tours… Sitting on the Christmas seat, reminiscing of years gone by and how much it’s changed, but still almost the same.. So green and lush, there is only one other boat here. When we left BBYC it was packed, so nice to be back as what you’d expect it to be here, empty. The way we love it…. Such an amazing feeling being here alone on Rhino, back where we were in 2000….


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Still Here

Yes, we have found our Heaven here on Bora Bora. It’s been an amazing few days here even though there is not a lot to do, just the beauty of the place takes you away. The South end hasn’t changed that much since we were here last. Thank God, it’s still unencumbered with the over water bungalows, and probably has the best view of Mt. Otemanu..

Today we went for a swim in the water off the boat, since we don’t have a dinghy engine again. I just don’t understand how we can have so much trouble getting a dinghy engine to work for us, perhaps it’s us… We tried to go to the end of the motu and do a drift snorkel but less then half way there the engine quit. We had to row back, not a problem unless you have 20 knots of wind in your face and the current isn’t helping either. We rowed and rowed and were still in the same place…. Yikes… Rick kept telling me to row harder, “We’re in trouble”. Drifting across the bay onto a reef is not a pleasant thought but was a reality. Hello, I’m rowing as hard as I can… Somehow, by the Grace of God, we finally made it back to the mother ship – Rick rowing like the mad man he is. Believe me, it was no easy task, but then again, if it was easy there would be more people out here…

Oh well, Rick tried to repair it yesterday, cleaned the spark plug, drained the carburetor of any water. Nothing worked… Oh well, you make the best of it. We were just the two of us in this beautiful anchorage, us and Ustupu our boat neighbor, whom we spent happy hour with on their boat one night and then on Rhino. Sylvie and Danny a very nice young couple in their very early thirties, very seasoned beyond their years.

Today a big 50′ catamaran came in and of course “Parked” right next to us. Very close. We don’t want to be rude, but “Hey Buddy, You’re in our space, it’s a big bay”…. That’s what we’re thinking of course, but we don’t actually say that, Rick swims over and says “Welcome to the neighborhood, got any “Booze”???” Well I’m not sure they understood, but I guess they did, because a little while later Oliver came over and asked if we wanted to come over for an aperitif? We declined because Rick was taking a nap, he said no problem, he would come back later this evening. OK. After our swim in chest high water where you can still see your feet, he and his daughter Chloe came over and asked again and said he would come back and pick us up at 6:30, they needed to shower and prepare, it also gave us time to get ready… You know like put lipstick on, Ricky needed to comb his hair… etc, etc… What can we bring, he says what do you have??? I say “Popcorn”?? He says great, bring popcorn. We’re down to the bear minimal’s since we’ll be putting Rhino on the hard in a few days. Not much in the way of provisions on board. Promptly at 6:30 Oliver comes back to bring us over to meet the rest of his crew. His wife Isabella, Chole (8), Marin (5) two daughters and then Marcel, the chef, and Cemeau another friend. They served us an aperitif called Pastis 51, Yummmm, very French. The only ones that spoke English were Oliver and his wife Isabella, the others just a little bit almost as much as my French… Fresh pineapple, cheese, toast with melted blue cheese and other delicious finger foods were served. It was a great evening making new friends from the South of France here in Bora Bora. What a Blessed life…


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Relaxing in Bora Bora

My new mantra, AWOL. It’s not what you think… IT’S… “Adventures With Out Limits”….. That’s what we’re doing. Oh and by the way, I didn’t make this up myself. I wish I had, but I read it in a book, Precious Cargo and loved it and really thought it fit. So now I’m going to be like Lavern of Lavern and Shirley and have AWOL on everything… LOL

We’ve had a few wonderful days here in Bora Bora, it’s so beautiful. Our car trip around the island was in itself and adventure, the four of us went South around the island and then after we dropped the boys back at the yacht club, Joni and I took a tour of our own. We went around in the opposite direction and stopped along the way to shop and take more pictures. We returned the car on Saturday but before we turned it in we decided to go for ice cream down at Matira Point. We picked up another cruising couple, Dean and Sabina and gave them a ride into town, we were six people in a very small Fiat. We went almost half way around with them, past the Hotel Bora Bora on Raititi Point, which is one of my favorite spots. The water is crystal clear and the beaches are white sand with the coconut palms hanging over. Such a shame the Hotel is closed, it’s been over two years. Mount Otemanu is magnificent to see from here and also the different sides of the island, it changes form and it’s quite a sight to see.

I went to church on Sunday morning with our friends Joni and Ken, we actually went to two different services. The first one was Catholic, said in French and Tahitian with beautiful singing and the second one was an Evangelistic service, in their Tahitian language. The women wear these big hats, very fancy and colorful. This was a very, very long service and quite loud. They had about seven different speakers, men and women and in between each speaker they had singing. It’s always interesting to see how the different services are done. After the Catholic service two women came up to Joni and I, we were standing out front and waiting for Ken, and asked if we were tourists. We giggled. They were Italian and spoke French and Italian of course. We sort of had a conversation… They were unique and we had fun trying to talk. We went back to the boats and Joni and Ken left for the South East side of the island. Rick thought it was too late to go, no problem we can go tomorrow. However, the weather didn’t cooperate. It was gray and cloudy with rain. The gray skys and no sun make it hard to navigate these waters, you can’t see the coral heads with out the sun. So we waited till Tuesday, no such a bad place to be stuck.

On Tuesday we get up and going early, need to fill the water tanks and do some last minute shopping. We dinghy to the yacht club and rent bikes to take to town and get our provisions. While Rick was in the store, I stayed with the bikes, I thought I say Dancing Walrus head up to the public dock. So when Rick came out we went to the public docks. Bummer, it wasn’t them. Oh well, back to the boat. We pack up and head to the yacht club dock to fill our water tanks, only 500 Franks. We nick a coral head on the way, opps… No damage… Once we finished we start heading South down the channel on the East side. Not 25′ from us a mother and baby whale are just swimming with a couple of other boats watching. I did get a short video. Awesome… We came to the first anchorage between the St. Regis and the Four Season and decided to stay here next to Dancing Walrus and our friends Joni and Ken. As soon as we put the hook down, Joni called and wanted to know if we wanted to go see the Manta’s. Of course we did. She took us over to the location which if you don’t know it would be hard to find. We snorkeled and there they were, just swimming below the surface. They are huge creatures and so much fun to watch. I was able to get video underwater and even though I’m not sure what I’m getting (the screen is VERY hard to see underway and with no glasses) but I tried. When I got back I checked the video and did get some, cool… It definitely needs to be edited, but at least I have some good shots with them. We came back to Rhino and changed, Rick was having his “moment”, being here with Rhino. It’s very special. Just around sunset we went over to Dancing Walrus with a special bottle of champagne to celebrate our being here. The DP was great and what better way then to share it with our new BFF’s. Joni and Ken invited us to stay and have dinner, chili, with them so we did. A terrific night with good friends. Later a movie “Citizen Kane”, which we all promptly fell asleep… LOL

We now moved further South. Just where we were in 2000. What a view of Mt. Otemanu, from here you really see the volcanic crown that was created when she was active. Amazing.

Rick and I still keep pinching ourselves, we’re really here on Rhino. Sitting on the “Christmas Seat” looking out over the beautiful clear turquoise water, having our sundowner, it really is still hard to believe. Nirvana on Bora Bora.

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