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  1. Connie and Rick

    Just doing a test email to see where it goes.

  2. Denise Yenkin

    Dear Connie and Rick, what a wonderful adventure you are about to partake in. I was going to mail you a thank you note for the adorable outfits you sent for Collin, but I think you have already left and email is the way to go. It was so thoughtful of you to think of us and he is going to look stylin’ in both. Have fun and be safe but most importantly have fun!xoxo Denise, Jeff and Collins

    • rhino

      Denise, So glad you liked the outfits. Do you do facebook? I would love to see pictues on FB when we get to the Marquesas. We’ll be leaving this weekend, things always take longer then you expect. All is going well and we’re excited to get underway. Boat is ready, house is almost empty. Love, Connie and Rick

  3. PJ

    Just made a reply w/ my Ham call sign, but do not see it… KE6GYT


  4. PJ

    M and I just moved Star Path to San Pedro; many hours closer to the Cnannel Islands and MUCH more cost effective than Dana Point. For anyone looking, we have discovered that once away from Dana Point/Newport, many (even nicer) slips are available for a much lower price. Facilities are often better too. Not advocating any place in particular, but I have been looking at other locations for a long time. Previously I had been in the original Chula Vista marina and felt that it was a better marina environment than DP.

  5. Valerie (Fiorentino) Quinn

    Bon Voyage! So excited for you and looking for the pictures from your adventure especially Tahiti. Joe and I cruised Tahiti for our honeymoon in 2005 but NOTHING like your cruising. Stay safe. XO

  6. Bob and Cheryl Kelly

    Rick and Connie,
    Cheryl and I want to wish you both a wonderful adventure.
    We have had so much fun with you two on the cruises with the club.
    We will keep in touch and will love to share the journey with you. I cruised the South Pacific in 1984. 85 and again in the early 90’s and loved the lifestyle, adventures and different cultures. I am envious. Have a wonderful journey.
    May the wind and seas always be at your back.
    Your friends.
    Bob and Cheryl Kelly

  7. Charlie & Jan

    6/4/12 Seafarers…just found in old mail from Connie,
    if i read your progress correctly you just crossed the equator, stopped ship for a very neat sounding celebration including an ocean dip…gosh, we’re so proud
    of you two, what an exprience….what an accomphlishment after so much
    prep, training, and rearranging two lives to make such an adventure
    possible…where can we see some pics? You’re in our prayers and
    deepest thoughts…With mucho respect, Jan & Charlie

  8. Walt

    Why did you turn off course? Is there a problem?

  9. Al Morrison

    Connie and Rick,
    Just found your website in our log and have read a few of your blogs. They are wonderful word pictures of your cruising world. We are cruising too, in a small motorhome we bought in England in April. We are touring througout Europe for 5 months and are having a great time. How can we access the blogs of your trip from the time you left Dana Pt?
    Happy trails and sails,
    Al Morrison

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