July 4th 2015

We spent the 4th in Carmack, Yukon Territory, Canada at a campground called Carmacks Hotel and RV park.  It is along the Yukon river and was a delight.  Local colorful folks hang out at the bar that had two pool tables, upon which Rick proceeded to beat me at a game of 8 ball.  We didn’t have any fireworks but God provides.  The sunset was so dramatic and full of color, almost better then fireworks.

Moving on to Dawson City then into Alaska.  We should be crossing the border day after tomorrow.  The roads have been pretty good but not without incident.  We were parked and visiting Watson Lake when a weed whacker threw a stone that went through our passenger side window of the Fiat…  Shattering glass all over.  We would have never seen it if they hadn’t stopped us as we were approaching the rig.  A sweet gal named Rene said they would take care of the expense and have the window replaced.  We made a few phone calls but nothing can be done for at least a week and we have to get up to Denali for our reservations on the 15th through the 18th.  Of course it happens on a Friday and we have to wait for the weekend to end, so we taped up the window with a plastic bag and duck tape to go along with the tarp we have on her bow, for protection from rocks on the road.  However that doesn’t stop trucks from spitting up rocks as they pass, which one did and dinged our windshield on the RV.  Oh well, at least we have brakes.

Short on time and want to get this posted while I have internet.  I also have so much more to say but no time now.  I will post photos as soon as we have internet again along what’s been happening.


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