Tonopah, Nevada, Great Basin National Park and Salt Lake City


Departing Groveland


Yosemite with Half Dome in background.


The entrance into park.

20150613_095518 We are currently in SLC (Salt Lake City) with friends of Cindi and Jim (The Ramsey’s).  They live on a dead end street and have room for both of our rigs.  It’s a beautiful setting, lots of trees and a babbling brook running behind their home, which is lovely.

So let me start with the trip through Yosemite on our first day out from Cindi and Jim’s home (Saturday).  It was a spectacular drive with majestic scenery, only problem, the brakes.  I guess I toasted them coming down the 10,000 foot elevation.  Luckily we were able to crawl into Tonopah and our campground called Joy Land…  First thing we did once we were settled in was call Good Sam’s.  We thought for sure we’d have to be towed at least 100 miles or so.  We asked Larry (he was the camp host) if there was a truck repair place near by?  He told us of a place called Cal Nevada Towing, so we notified Good Sam’s and they said they would contact them first because they were so close, approx. a mile from the campground.  So we waited for Monday morning to come, which of course it did and Cal Nev came out and said we could probably drive to their location, since we drove here which would save us a tow.  However, they needed us to wait for room and they would come back for us.  So they finally came out and we made it safely to Cal Nevada Towing and Service Center.  One thing really helped me to have me a sense of trust in their ability to repair our rig was all the semi-s and UPS trucks in their garage.  So you have to figure they know what they’re doing.  Dave (I called him Woody because he reminded me of Woody Harrelson) and Keith were awesome.  We had to have parts ordered, our rotors had cracked from the extreme heat, we needed new pads, calipers, master cylinder and while they were under there the shocks were old, so we replaced those as well.  This took us through Thursday night during which we’ve been staying aboard in their parking…  LOL..   The good news was that it was FREE to park and we had power.  Woo Hoo.  Upon paying for the repair (guess it wasn’t free after all) $$$$ they proceeded to tell us that the master cylinder has a slight leak out of one of the fittings and the fitting needs to be replaced.  He could order the part which would take us through Monday at least or he could use epoxy and it should hold untill we can get to a Ford Dealership, which he recommended we do as soon as possible.   Even if the epoxy is holding and not leaking, replace it asap.  So we left Joy Land early Friday morning and headed for The Great Basin National Park in Nevada.  It was an uneventful drive with changing scenery from lush green valleys doted with pretty orange wild flowers to tall majestic mountains with beautiful striations of color.   Our campsite #7 at Baker Creek campground 8,000′ elevation it wasn’t very level but we managed to make it work.  Then the four of us poured into the Fiat and went to the visitors center to tour the Lehman Caverns but much to our dismay the tours were sold out for the next two days.  So we did the scenic drive up to Wheeler Peak and stopped at Mather Overlook and the Summit Trailhead, where we did the 2.6 mile hike into Stella Lake at 10,000 foot elevation.  Just a perfect day and the hike was awesome, just right for the first of many.

Our trip to Salt Lake City was quite and our first stop was Henry Day Ford.  We called ahead and let them know why we were coming and what we needed.  They have a short day on Saturday so we needed to hustle to get there before closing to see if we could get the part we needed and they wanted to see it before ordering it.  What a great service department they have, we arrived there at 1:15, they ordered the part, put it in and we were finished and out of there by 3:30…  OMG…  So we are ready to roll as soon as our stone protector shows up from UPS tomorrow.

Now to try and upload some photos of the trip.  Wish me luck…

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  1. Olaf

    Hi Connie!
    Great story! Wow, you really toasted those brakes…LOL!
    Have fun!

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