Life is Hard on the HARD

So from our “slip” at the boat yard, to the hoist, then with her straps in place, Rhino is lifted out of the water and moved to her cradle to sleep out the season. Once she’s in her cradle safely they put a ladder in place so we can climb in and out. Fun stuff, going up and down on a wrought iron ladder with at least 15 rungs. Now we have to get her ready. Rick and I worked feverishly to clear her decks, take down the main sail, tie the dinghy in place on her deck (only thing we left on the deck) and then taped and bungied anything else we thought would blow or fray. We also gave away some food from the refrigerator to our neighbors in the yard and some clothes to the guys that hauled us out. It’s like moving all over again, lots of work.

We had the Sunset Beach Motel pick us and our bags up. We were so surprised at the accommodations, such a great bungalow and so big. Enough room for at least 5 or 6 people. Full kitchen with all the amenities. Our driver even stopped at the store for us to shop and pick up a few things for dinner, which we made in the bungalow. We enjoyed our last bottle of wine, from Art and Charlotte, with dinner. Our view was of Bora Bora across the water and the anchorage. Just a perfect way to end this part of the Adventure.

In the morning (or flight to Papeete was at 5:30 PM) we had time to walk back to Rhino and see how she made out on her first night alone. She did fine and we took care of a few last minute things. Rick greased the winches and secured a few things a little better. She looks good. We then kissed Rhino goodbye and said a few prayers for her to have a safe stay while we’re gone. Removed the ladder and left our baby. I told Rick to think of it like a child going off to college, only instead of her returning at the end of the semester, we’ll be coming back to her.

AWOL — ADVENTURES WITHOUT LIMITS…. The adventures continues…. LAC


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2 Responses to Life is Hard on the HARD

  1. Jackie Smith

    What a first season you’ve had! Congrats on living the dream! Hope to see you soon…

  2. Eugene Weiner

    Hello Rick and Connie, I’ve been on vacation midwest mostly family been 49 years since seen my cousins. Anyway let me know where your at now and God speed to your return Eugene.

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