Leaving the South End of Bora Bora

Here we go, leaving one of our favorite places. Heading North back up the channel which in some places gets pretty shallow and you have to be very careful of the coral heads. We followed our track down, so it wasn’t to much of a problem. Hard to describe such a beautiful place if you’ve never been here before, and I don’t mean that like it sounds. It’s just hard to explain the beauty that passes in front of your eyes and you move along the channel. Just as we were getting to the end of the channel and about to turn towards the yacht club, Messilina passes us heading South… Bummer, we just missed being with them by a day. Chole, Evan and Jonathan on their way to swim with the Manta’s, to bad we just missed them.

Back at the Bora Bora Yacht Club, picked up a mooring ball for the night. Getting ready for our morning crossing to Tahaa. Had a lovely dinner with our friends from Bright Angel, Bob and Linda. We were also joined by Legacy. Fun evening.

Underway to Tahaa, weather forecast was for NO wind, well we only had 20 to 30 knots. The seas were easy to deal with small swells of 2 – 4′ with some wind waves. No bigge. But getting into the pass on Tahaa was another thing. Hard to see the entrance, thank God for the chart plotter. We followed it and checked our visual with no problem. Sounds easy, except when you’re doing it and can only see white water in front of you and you’re thinking is this the pass or am I going to go over a reef??? Scary stuff. But you hold steady and maintain your course and before you know it you get a visual on the red and green markers and know that everything is where it should be. Including the small opening into the safe harbor. Well here we are… Picked up a mooring ball from the Vanilla Tours… Sitting on the Christmas seat, reminiscing of years gone by and how much it’s changed, but still almost the same.. So green and lush, there is only one other boat here. When we left BBYC it was packed, so nice to be back as what you’d expect it to be here, empty. The way we love it…. Such an amazing feeling being here alone on Rhino, back where we were in 2000….


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2 Responses to Leaving the South End of Bora Bora

  1. Tony de Witte

    Wait a minute! Weather report said no wind? What day did you leave? Tuesday or Wednesday? Which weather report? I sent you a WX report on Tuesday am that showed winds building that afternoon and howling on Wednesday! Was it my weather report you referred to? Well, it’s only a weather report, a weather guesstimate, and you know how that goes. Sailor be wary! You don’t make a go or no go decisions solely on wx reports. As the wx man for the Baja Net, Tom, AA6TP says, “And don’t forget to look out the porthole!” ;P –Tio

  2. Eugene Weiner

    Nice to hear you still having fun sounds like a great adventure you will never forget, stay well and God bless you both always till the end .

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