Still Here

Yes, we have found our Heaven here on Bora Bora. It’s been an amazing few days here even though there is not a lot to do, just the beauty of the place takes you away. The South end hasn’t changed that much since we were here last. Thank God, it’s still unencumbered with the over water bungalows, and probably has the best view of Mt. Otemanu..

Today we went for a swim in the water off the boat, since we don’t have a dinghy engine again. I just don’t understand how we can have so much trouble getting a dinghy engine to work for us, perhaps it’s us… We tried to go to the end of the motu and do a drift snorkel but less then half way there the engine quit. We had to row back, not a problem unless you have 20 knots of wind in your face and the current isn’t helping either. We rowed and rowed and were still in the same place…. Yikes… Rick kept telling me to row harder, “We’re in trouble”. Drifting across the bay onto a reef is not a pleasant thought but was a reality. Hello, I’m rowing as hard as I can… Somehow, by the Grace of God, we finally made it back to the mother ship – Rick rowing like the mad man he is. Believe me, it was no easy task, but then again, if it was easy there would be more people out here…

Oh well, Rick tried to repair it yesterday, cleaned the spark plug, drained the carburetor of any water. Nothing worked… Oh well, you make the best of it. We were just the two of us in this beautiful anchorage, us and Ustupu our boat neighbor, whom we spent happy hour with on their boat one night and then on Rhino. Sylvie and Danny a very nice young couple in their very early thirties, very seasoned beyond their years.

Today a big 50′ catamaran came in and of course “Parked” right next to us. Very close. We don’t want to be rude, but “Hey Buddy, You’re in our space, it’s a big bay”…. That’s what we’re thinking of course, but we don’t actually say that, Rick swims over and says “Welcome to the neighborhood, got any “Booze”???” Well I’m not sure they understood, but I guess they did, because a little while later Oliver came over and asked if we wanted to come over for an aperitif? We declined because Rick was taking a nap, he said no problem, he would come back later this evening. OK. After our swim in chest high water where you can still see your feet, he and his daughter Chloe came over and asked again and said he would come back and pick us up at 6:30, they needed to shower and prepare, it also gave us time to get ready… You know like put lipstick on, Ricky needed to comb his hair… etc, etc… What can we bring, he says what do you have??? I say “Popcorn”?? He says great, bring popcorn. We’re down to the bear minimal’s since we’ll be putting Rhino on the hard in a few days. Not much in the way of provisions on board. Promptly at 6:30 Oliver comes back to bring us over to meet the rest of his crew. His wife Isabella, Chole (8), Marin (5) two daughters and then Marcel, the chef, and Cemeau another friend. They served us an aperitif called Pastis 51, Yummmm, very French. The only ones that spoke English were Oliver and his wife Isabella, the others just a little bit almost as much as my French… Fresh pineapple, cheese, toast with melted blue cheese and other delicious finger foods were served. It was a great evening making new friends from the South of France here in Bora Bora. What a Blessed life…


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  1. Al & Jerry

    Love reading your wonderful stories and experiences. Sorry u r having engine problems again with the dingy,
    Al & Jerry

  2. Eugene Weiner

    Hello Rick and Connie, Been a long time since I checked on you sorry I been planning a trip to Israel/Jordan I leave may 27th for 13 days.I pray for you everyday for your safe return and enjoy yourselves. God bless you always Eugene…

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