Relaxing in Bora Bora

My new mantra, AWOL. It’s not what you think… IT’S… “Adventures With Out Limits”….. That’s what we’re doing. Oh and by the way, I didn’t make this up myself. I wish I had, but I read it in a book, Precious Cargo and loved it and really thought it fit. So now I’m going to be like Lavern of Lavern and Shirley and have AWOL on everything… LOL

We’ve had a few wonderful days here in Bora Bora, it’s so beautiful. Our car trip around the island was in itself and adventure, the four of us went South around the island and then after we dropped the boys back at the yacht club, Joni and I took a tour of our own. We went around in the opposite direction and stopped along the way to shop and take more pictures. We returned the car on Saturday but before we turned it in we decided to go for ice cream down at Matira Point. We picked up another cruising couple, Dean and Sabina and gave them a ride into town, we were six people in a very small Fiat. We went almost half way around with them, past the Hotel Bora Bora on Raititi Point, which is one of my favorite spots. The water is crystal clear and the beaches are white sand with the coconut palms hanging over. Such a shame the Hotel is closed, it’s been over two years. Mount Otemanu is magnificent to see from here and also the different sides of the island, it changes form and it’s quite a sight to see.

I went to church on Sunday morning with our friends Joni and Ken, we actually went to two different services. The first one was Catholic, said in French and Tahitian with beautiful singing and the second one was an Evangelistic service, in their Tahitian language. The women wear these big hats, very fancy and colorful. This was a very, very long service and quite loud. They had about seven different speakers, men and women and in between each speaker they had singing. It’s always interesting to see how the different services are done. After the Catholic service two women came up to Joni and I, we were standing out front and waiting for Ken, and asked if we were tourists. We giggled. They were Italian and spoke French and Italian of course. We sort of had a conversation… They were unique and we had fun trying to talk. We went back to the boats and Joni and Ken left for the South East side of the island. Rick thought it was too late to go, no problem we can go tomorrow. However, the weather didn’t cooperate. It was gray and cloudy with rain. The gray skys and no sun make it hard to navigate these waters, you can’t see the coral heads with out the sun. So we waited till Tuesday, no such a bad place to be stuck.

On Tuesday we get up and going early, need to fill the water tanks and do some last minute shopping. We dinghy to the yacht club and rent bikes to take to town and get our provisions. While Rick was in the store, I stayed with the bikes, I thought I say Dancing Walrus head up to the public dock. So when Rick came out we went to the public docks. Bummer, it wasn’t them. Oh well, back to the boat. We pack up and head to the yacht club dock to fill our water tanks, only 500 Franks. We nick a coral head on the way, opps… No damage… Once we finished we start heading South down the channel on the East side. Not 25′ from us a mother and baby whale are just swimming with a couple of other boats watching. I did get a short video. Awesome… We came to the first anchorage between the St. Regis and the Four Season and decided to stay here next to Dancing Walrus and our friends Joni and Ken. As soon as we put the hook down, Joni called and wanted to know if we wanted to go see the Manta’s. Of course we did. She took us over to the location which if you don’t know it would be hard to find. We snorkeled and there they were, just swimming below the surface. They are huge creatures and so much fun to watch. I was able to get video underwater and even though I’m not sure what I’m getting (the screen is VERY hard to see underway and with no glasses) but I tried. When I got back I checked the video and did get some, cool… It definitely needs to be edited, but at least I have some good shots with them. We came back to Rhino and changed, Rick was having his “moment”, being here with Rhino. It’s very special. Just around sunset we went over to Dancing Walrus with a special bottle of champagne to celebrate our being here. The DP was great and what better way then to share it with our new BFF’s. Joni and Ken invited us to stay and have dinner, chili, with them so we did. A terrific night with good friends. Later a movie “Citizen Kane”, which we all promptly fell asleep… LOL

We now moved further South. Just where we were in 2000. What a view of Mt. Otemanu, from here you really see the volcanic crown that was created when she was active. Amazing.

Rick and I still keep pinching ourselves, we’re really here on Rhino. Sitting on the “Christmas Seat” looking out over the beautiful clear turquoise water, having our sundowner, it really is still hard to believe. Nirvana on Bora Bora.

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  1. Al & Jerry

    Io Orana Guys, sounds u r having a great time on Bora. Love ur AWOL. An seeing the Mother Whale on her baby, way cool. They have started an expansion project at the DWYC here back home, the new columns are up. Keep soaking in all that beauty. Guess we may be seeing you back here before long, party time for sure.
    Al & Jerry

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