Bora Bora

Paradise, that’s about all you can say for Bora Bora. It truly is. We are currently on the hook in front of the Bora Yacht Club. I just had a visit from a local in a outrigger canoe trying to sell me his Blue Marlin Spike that he carved. However, it was out of my budget. 35,000 ff (french franks) about $350.00 US. Not so very expensive but more then I had in cash on the boat. So “se la vie” or something like that….

We rented a car yesterday with our friends Joni and Ken and did the around the island tour. She’s only 17 miles around, we stopped many time for photo ops which I’ll be sharing soon as we get better connection. Huahine so far has had the best connection. Our tour around had some melancholy moments, seeing all the special places like the Hotel Bora Bora closed and they wouldn’t even let us walk the property and take pictures. We then stopped at Bloody Mary’s for a pee break and decided to stay for lunch. It’s such a fun place with sand floors and the heads are comical. Of course we have pictures….:0-) Lunch was great, I had one of the infamous “Bloody Mary’s” and it was delicious. Tomorrow we move to the back side of Bora Bora to do some swimming and snorkeling…


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  1. Danny & Sandy

    Remember the last time you were in Bora Bora……….look out for the jelly fish.

  2. Al & Jerry

    Fun trip around da island. Where we stayed out on a motu, the Bora Bora Lagoon Resort was closed a few years back, storm damage & the recession. Loved riding the hotel’s shuttle back and forth to Vaitape. We found a little beach bar/restaurant on Matira Beach and just loved it there. Had the beach to ourselves. Swam with the sharks and rays here then did a beautiful boat tour all around the island. Quite a spectacular view from the water. Love & Aloha or Io Rana.

  3. Eugene Weiner

    Hello Rick & Connie , great to hear all your adventure in paradise ,I still praying for you both that you get back safe.Wish I was there with you but I have to settle for your logs. I am doing fine now. Stay well and god bless you both always

  4. Charlie &Jan

    Rhino crew…Finally getting to read up on your trip…you sound quite busy with all the pleasures in, around and under those gorgeous islands…where can we find pictures? We have seen some on Facebook but is there a large posting somewhere…you must have 100’s of pics by now. Why was the Bora bora Hotel off limits? You’re in our prayers…

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