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East meets West

Rick and Connie met in 1994 at the Sandpiper in Laguna Beach. She’s a  Jersey girl recently transplanted to California (1993) and he’s a California boy from Arcadia.

Rick built the Rhino, a Westsail 32, from a bare hull starting in 1975 and launched her the first time in 1980.  We married in 2006 after Rick finished re-building Rhino that had been on the hard since 1988. Rhino was re-launched on March 15, 2006 and they were married that September.

Rick is a self taught boat builder and did all the engineering, wood working, electrical, mechanical and plumbing himself. Rick & Connie’s dream is to sail to the South Pacific and revisit Bora Bora aboard RHINO.

They chartered a boat and sailed Bora Bora, Tahaa, Huahine and Raiatea back in 2000.

They discovered their mutual love of cruising in 1996 when they chartered a boat in the British Virgin Islands with his best friend and his girl friend.

Dana Point is their home port in California where they sail the coast, Catalina and the Channel Islands.

Their first significant off-shore excursion in Rhino was sailing down the length of Baja in the Baja Ha Ha in 2009.  Using La Paz as a base we spent approximately 7 months visiting many of the different bays and island. We then did the BASH back up the coast of Baja to our home port in Dana Point. Now we’re preparing to do the Puddle Jump (as they call it) and head to the South Pacific.

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  1. Al Morrison

    We heard about your cruising plans at a neighborhood get-together. We would like to see your Westsail 32 which we have admired since the 70’s. We have cruised in Scandanavian waters for 11 summers and 5 weeks in the Greek Isles. If you do not mind we would like to stop by and see the Rhino at your open house this afternoon.
    Al Morrison

  2. GINNY

    I hope you have a great and safe trip. Was it Donovan’s Grief at the Wharfside that got you into boating? We still talk about the time the tide rose and you tried to get Christine into the boat after a 6′ drop. You tried to balance a cooler on the rail for her short legs. You’re the best. Have a great trip and keep in touch. Will you ever sail to NJ?

  3. Kristina

    Very excited to watch the adventures of your trip!

  4. Jan Fluchere

    Looking forward to reading about your sailing adventure on the Rhino.

  5. Al & Jerry

    Aloha Guys, wishing u a fantastic time on ur South Pacific adventure. Looking forward to reading ur blog and updates.
    Al & Jerry

  6. Al & Jerry

    Wishing u guys a fantastic journey across the Pacific. Will look forward to reading ur blogs and updates. What an amazing adventure. will think of u daily and especially once u r enjoying the Marquesas and Bora Bora. Be sure to visit Bloody Mary’s while there.
    Love & Aloha,
    Al & Jerry

  7. Carm Sagendorf

    You know how much I admire you and your spirit of adventure. You sound soooo happy with Rick. I don’t know him but it seems both you and he lucked out. I am so happy for you. You deserve the best. I’m looking forward to revisiting this website daily to live your adventure vicariously.
    Luv you,

  8. Sal & Dottie

    Oh Baby. You guys have room for a stoaway?.Please Please. Have a great trip and we’ll be watching yuz’ so keep your clothes on in the tropics. NOT!
    Cuz Sal & Dottie

  9. Lance & Storm

    Fair winds and following seas folks. Enjoy the journey to the fullest! We’ll follow your progress and try SSB comms along the way.

  10. Ed Shuttleworth

    You may remember us from Ginny’s summer cottage, or as one of the drunks who showed up on the weekends. Ginny may have told you that I bought a 38′ sail boat in anticipation of being canned when our company was sold. I fixed the boat up and 3 years later the ax fell. Since that time we have close to 30,000 miles under the keel, mostly up and down the east coast and 5 trip to the Bahamas. It is all good!!
    Do you have a pactor modum and do you have winlink? Would also suggest a weather service.
    Wishing my Bride would go!
    Looking forward to your postings. Have a great trip!
    Ed & Joann Shuttleworth S/V Dreamweaver
    Lying Portsmouth VA
    Fixing- refig, Gally top, faucets, windless, rebuilding a larger hp newer engine to replace the current one. It is always something!

    • Joe G

      What a small world! I have known Lou, Connie’s brother for over 30 years. He is a brother Elk and we have many mutual friends from the Summit area. I normally would not read all the threads of a blog but the thought of being out in the ocean in a 30 foot boat intrigues me. I guess I was not all that surprised to see your name on a blog of this nature.
      I will probably never leave the confines of the Barnegat Bay in my 21 foot Key West.
      If you are in Jersey I would not be opposed to a gathering here at my home of some of old “crew”. It would be great to be able shoot the breeze for a while.

      Keep in touch!

      Joe G.

  11. Bob and Cheryl Kelly

    Rick and Connie,
    So sorry we missed your Bon Voyage. We are wishing you the best of adventures. I am so envious. I loved the South Pacific. It brings back memories of my cruising days in 1983, 84 and in the early 90s.
    May the winds and seas be fair and on your stern quarter.
    Happy sailing.
    Your friends.
    Bob and Cheryl Kelly

  12. John Rellos

    Hey Rick & Connie – Hope all is well
    Its really neat to watch your daily travel- Safe Passage-
    “Its Always Summer On The Inside”

  13. Susan

    Hi Connie and Rick,
    Hope you are having calmer weather.
    We love you Cousins!

  14. Ruth & Don Church

    Don & I are back from Kauai and are excited to follow your adventures on Rhino. Have fun!

  15. Hey, Rick:

    It looks like you are well into fulfilling a life-long dream. Congrats!

    I assume your next port will be Tahiti. If so, where are you headed from there? Or is there a specific route that you’ve planned?

    I’ve always been enamoured with what you are doing. I also followed the “Solo” attempts by the younger generations to sail around thworkd to see who could do it at the “youngest” age. Some have been more fortunate than others……I assume you’ve also followed them – at least in the newspapers.

    Take care. And ” Smooth Seas”!

    Best regards,

    Joe Seitz

  16. C indy

    Heard you reached land!!! How exciting :) send pics!!

  17. Danny & Sandy

    Great Skype’n with you today but too bad we had a slow connection. We look forward to seeing the pictures and reading about the adventure you both are very lucky to experience. Smooth sailing!

  18. Maria Schimmer

    Hi Connyie and Rick, I’m sure you’re having a grand time!. Diane gave me your website, and I was just checking to see if you were flying back any time soon to take care of your medicare. Just let me know when you are back in the states. Take care and enjoy Life!

  19. Ann Marie & Jim Brady

    Hi there Connie & Rick~
    Ginny passed on your website, I am sooo excited to follow you on your amazing journey! You guys are living what the rest of us only dream about…kudo’s!
    Smooth sailing, blue skies, sunshine, and many “kodak” moments to share with all of us. Oh yeh…and a marguarita or two for “Us Brady’s”…love and hugs to both of you… be safe…J&A xo

  20. valerie torrisi

    cousin-having a drink with loretta and searching the open seas for you and rick-hope all is well-love you lots.


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